Monday, June 16, 2008

Rules are only for those who follow..

This incident happened to me yesterday evening while i was returning from office....

I was in good speed and couldn't break immediately at the signal.. i was stopped by the policemen

Police men : Why did u cross the line, cant you see its red?
Me : Where is the line here?

Police men : Its understood that you shouldn't cross beyond this..., give me your driving licence and other documents.
Me : Take this.. but sir when there is no line how can u expect me to stop at such speed i would have fallen down from my bike .. neither i have jumped the signal

Police men: Give me 100Rs.
Me : Give me the bill if you think i have broken law.

Police men: (Goes to his bike, gets the latest gizmo black berry and pulls out a bill for 100Rs )
Me : I don't agree to you sir that i have broken any rules, this is unfair.

Police men : Here is your bill. Pay it... and sign here..
Me: (Before signing i wrote in the bill - "I don't agree that i have broken any law, this is unfair" and signed)

Police men : Do you think you have done something great writing like this?
Me : No but at least i am happy that i have protested against you in my own ways. However i know that i am not going to get anything out of it. I also know that, it neither matters you or the government.

Police men : I might have to answer my seniors for what you have written.
Me : Thats your problem.

Felt bad that every day probably only people who follow law gets caught by these men in uniform. I see hundreds of people breaking signal everyday and i have never seen police catching them. If it is law then even overtaking from left is breaking of law.. but do we really follow such rules?Probably we cannot because we don't have an infrastructure to follow these rules, however we have police men who wanna fine you when ever they feel like rather than catching every person who breaks law :-)

I am not saying either i was right or the policemen was wrong. But what i am trying to say is.. only people who are at least trying to follow the laws gets penalized ... as they are the easy victims :-)