Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Agumbe and Malpe Beach

I have seen this urbanization growing rapidly near my home town. Once covered with rain forests are giving up for human greed. Yet probably we can find one of the best ever green forests in the world. It's probably almost impossible to venture into these forests during rains due to the fear of floods, insects and snakes. Forest in these parts are so dense it gives me a feeling that even mammals avoid these place, its a paradise for reptiles. As a child i remembered a beautiful virgin lake near the check post of Agumbe, how ever I was a bit disappointed to see it being converted into a park with lots of petty shops and plastics all around. Once you start loving nature in its raw format you would for sure not like the compressed format of it like parks.

There has been lot of changes to Malpe beach as well, but it looks lot better with some good facilities. But still if we can avoid the crowd from littering the place that would be amazing, we can't just leave everything to authorities its the responsibility of the common man as well. I wanted to visit St. Mary's Island but didn't have enough time for the same.

But best part of the trip was visiting Vinayak's house and staying there. A small village Hermunde on the foothills of Western ghats in the middle of the forest was amazing. Plan to visit here again in December.
Also visiting ARRS (Agumbe Rainforest Research Station) was very educative. Would love to spend some time volunteering here. I am sure to learn a lot talking to these experts and this would also benefit me for my photo shoots. Visit this link for more details http://www.agumberainforest.com/

Also Spotted monitor lizard (near someshwara), flying lizard draco dussumieri (agumbe), grey hornbill (Arsikere) for the first time.

Route Directions:
Agumbe: Bangalore - Tumkur - Tiptur - Arsikere - Bhadravati - Shimoga - Thirtahalli - Agumbe
Malpe Beach: Agumbe -- Udupi - Malpe

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kabini with ToeHold

Kabini for long has been a place I just love and admire. Probably that's the reason I keep visiting this place again and again. However this time the idea was to learn from the masters Sudhir Shivram and Giri Cavle sir the art of wildlife photography. Well wildlife photography is all together a different ball game, so different from all other photography. Its difficult just for one simple reason that you got to get a good photograph with pure luck.

1) Wildlife sighting depends on your luck and knowledge about the animal/bird.
2) Lighting might be bad.
3) Getting a clean shot is very difficult, animals and birds are always behind a bush or tree.
4) Most of the animals/birds never pose for camera and being on a jeep high potential we end up with a shaky image.
4) When you get everything for a minute, having the right camera setting is the most difficult thing.