Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rangantittu and Kokkarebellur

It was a bit disappointing in Rangantittu, I couldn't find as much birds as I had expected. I would suggest probably February and march would be the best months to visit. However Kokkarebellur made up for the missed opportunity in Rangantittu with some good shots of photography. Also felt Rangantittu was way too expensive be it 30min boating or be it the small canteen over there. On the other hand at Kokkarebellur most of the birds are available on trees near the village and can spend as much time as we want rather than depending on the boating.

Started very early in the morning around 5am, took the usual nice road to hit mysore road and was at my usual breakfast break point Shivalli restaurant at 7am near Maddur. After some good breakfast and strong filter coffee headed towards Rangantittu. Reached there by around 8 in the morning took the first boat. I would suggest to be very early in the morning around 8 in order to beat the crowd. On a weekend this place is over crowded and for sure the boats men wouldn't take you for more than 20-30min ride. However I was pretty happy that it was pretty decently maintained even after so much of crowd. But then its our responsibility as well to maintain the sanity of the place.
Unlike Rangantittu we can spend lot of time studying the birds habitat and photo shooting in Kokkarebellur. It was interesting to observe one bird always guards the nest and the other flies to either get some food or some twigs for the nest. Most of these nests are always watched by other predators like Brown Kite or Bahamani Kites, which wouldn't miss an opportunity to pick eggs or babies.

Was surprised that Kokkarebellur village panchayat had not set up for a parking fee and toll from visitors for improvement of the place and some lively hood for the villagers. I am sure more and more people visiting this place they would think in this direction. Spent most of my time almost till evening doing photo shoot of Painted Stork and Pelicans. It was sad to see a small baby fell down from the tree top and die instantly, was not sure weather a dead baby was thrown out of nest from its mother or did it die falling down. But that's part of nature couldn't have done anything here.
After spending an entire day on field the most tiring part is driving back to home with all the traffic once we enter Bangalore.

Route: Bangalore - Ramnagara -Chenpatna - 10kms before Maddur take a left towards Kokkarebellur and drive 13kms to reach the village Kokkarebellur.
From Maddur - Mandya - Srirangapatna - From Srirangapatna take a right towards Rangantittu.