Friday, March 19, 2010

Some of the Best Movies I Enjoyed

I keep loosing track of some of the best movies i have ever loved watching. This is a small attempt to put up a list so that many more can enjoy as well. There are a lot of good Hindi and Kannada movies I just love to watch but here I am only trying to give a list of some good English movies. Every time i watch a good movie i will try to update this list. If I start adding Hindi and Kannada the list is going to explode that's the only reason I have kept it aside.


1. Into the Wild
2. Touching the Void
3. Munich
4. The Hurt Locker
5. Titanic
6. PS I love you
7. Blood Diamond
8. Catch a Fire
9. Reign over me
10. The constant Gardner
11. The Kite Runner
12. The Bucket List
13. Bella
14. Kung Fu Panda
15. Gladiator
16. Patriot
17. Top Gun
18. The Last King of Scotland
19. Brave Heart
20. Sixth Sense
21. The Last Samurai
22. Cast Away
23. The Terminal
24. Matrix Series
25. The Phone Booth
26. Taking of Pelham 123
27. Wild Hogs
28. Inception
29. Social Network
30. Sanctum

There are many more good movies, especially some of the action movies but this list is special as I can just watch these movies any number of times.