Friday, May 26, 2006

Water Raffting Part-2

The first trip to Rishikesh for rafting on january 1st 2006 so good tat I could not resist myself from going there again. I called up the person in charge for rafting Shoorbeer for information regarding the booking and stuffs… well I got the good news that it had rained the water levels were pretty high and rough compared to last time and chances that your boat might topple in the raft…. Well well that was the good news I expected from his end……so I booked it for a team of around 8 people… this time the one special person who joined me was my roomie.. Sidd (Kernel….)

We were 8.. Sidd, Neelappa, Sandeep, DJ Raka, Vamshi, Manju Uncle, Yogesh(Sandeep’s Roomi) and myself…… As expected other then me and sidd everyone were late for the departure.. we planned to leave at 12 from office but as usual sandeep got struck in a last minute meeting and could not come out till 2. Any way after that we had to go to each and individual’s house to collect the luggage. At the end we started from Delhi at around 3.30 …..

We had a cartoon driver who was a bit above 5 feet and and was driving Tavera… I was sure the person driving from the opposite side would not be able to see him …. Also he had such thick glass that we were scared that is he able to drive….. he proved us right… he never crossed 40kmph after 6pm adding to our frustration…..

We reached rishikesh at around 10pm here we need to pass through a security check to go ahead near the base camp…. But to our bad luck our coordinator had switched off his mobile and the police was not interested in letting us go ahead without any fodder…. Well well… we were lucky enough to get a call from the coordinator at the right moment don’t know some how he convinced the police through the phone and we were let to go ahead…

The base camp is around18km from here… were we stopped our vehicle and started moving towards the harsh river we couldn’t see anything while we were walking down the small hill.. any way tat was the fun part…. When we reached the river we could see the ganga flowing in throttle … a look at the river itself was a bit scary since many of us did not know swimming and we need to cross the river in the night without any life jackets….

Once we crossed the river and reached the base camp we dumped our luggage at the respective tents and then we had good food… everyone was very hungry and also it was very late…. After having dinner the best part was we started playing kabaddi in the night… It was fun.. I remember one funny thing…. yogesh came forward to catch me and was showing is ass towards me in a gesture of making fun…. I gave such a wonder full kick to his ass that he kept crying till the end of the trip…… After around 20-30 min of the game camp organizers asked us to be silent because other people were resting…. Anyway we were very tired of our journey and then every one went to their respective tents for resting……

21st may was a different morning it was very pleasant… I got up very early might be at around 5.30 … even Raka was awake so we saw the river flowing in full flow… the water was a bit muddy because of the rains…. But it was really pleasant in this hot summer of north India..

After attending the natures call in the pleasant weather myself, raka and sandeep went along the banks of ganga for a small photo session… we had some good snaps… after which when we came back every one were ready for a game of volleyball on the banks.

It was fun playing volleyball in sand.

Myself and vamshi then buried neelkant inside the sand till his neck… I had a wonderful photo when neel was in this condition but he deleted the same any way no issues…next time neel…..

After having a wonderful breakfast…. At around 9.30 we started for rafting… hmmm all the boys were very happy to see 2 girls joining our raft ….. one unlucky thing like the last time was we couldn’t carry our camera to the place where I wanted the most number of snaps……

Unlike last time when I was here in winter this time I spent 70% of my time outside the boat that is in the water…. We dived all the way… swam across the water pulled each other … splashed water at each other… all together it was fun….. one important point over here whenever the girls dived all the boys were ready and eager to lift them back to the bed hahahaha but no one was in a mood to lift their old father…. pooooor chap….

Since it had rained water levels were very high and the boat swung in all directions… all together it was fun filled with lots of adventure…. At the end we reached the point for cliff jumping…. Unlike last time…. Since the water had raised to a great extent the distance between the cliff and the water was a bit less almost everyone of us jumped into the water many a times… I jumped 5 times it was fun….

At around 2 after an adventures rafting we started back to noida immediately.. this was a mistake we made we should have enjoyed till night and then we should have left the place… any way it was the end of one more wonderful and meaning full trip… but after the trip I am sick and having fever….still recovering from the same.

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