Sunday, August 17, 2008

61 years of Independence

61 years of independence and this is what i see we are in a state off.
Few section of people who think we live in the best part of the world with a false pride, few section of people who think we are in pathetic state and have run away from their responsibilities and have settled happily abroad and the rest who are busy ripping across length and breadth of the country for their own materialistic gains.
I wonder many a times what we have achieved today did it really needed 61 years? I was having a thought when a government can construct road along the complete county in 4 years why does it take 3 years to complete an underpass in the city? This is one major problem we are facing today high levels of corruption but is any one bothered about this?
61 years and we have lost the social values we had in this country. Today we are nothing but bunch of copycats who have lost their identity caught between different cultures. Do we really have something in us which we should be really proud off today? Our education system is going from bad to worse. Some how i always feel education will be of use only when you know how to implement the knowledge you have gained, however at times i feel we are following mostly a system of creating monolithic robots rather than intellectuals.
61 years and i see and we are proud off it but today my national flag been brought down,burnt and a Pakistani flag hoisted in the heart of the city . Today we are in lack of bold leaders who are strong enough to decide what they want and who have a vision for my country.
61 years and I see our prime minister speak about global warming in the independence day speech, was this the need ? are we really independent? Terrorists are able to strike at will in any corner of the country, we are not able to stop infiltration along the porous borders we are not safe in our own country then why should we be proud off?
61 years after independence and many a times i still feel rest of the world treats this country as men of slaves and a country of poor. We haven't been able to improve this image in 61 long years. We only boost of our great values of past but when it comes to either implementation or the current situation we see the helpless faces.
61 years we still celebrate Gandhi's B'day but never a day we thought of implementing or understanding his ideologies. We speak of peace with terrorists (probably even Gandhi wouldn't have liked this option) who have dared enough to come to our house and kill innocent civilians.
At the end i liked a line from a newspaper " A dream is not the one which you see when you close your eyes, A dream is one which doesn't allow you to close your eyes until you see it realize". Probably we need more people with such great thoughts to lead this country. People who are constantly worried about what we are today. People who have a vision to see ahead of others. People who can command.
I wish my country men to realize the real value of independence :-). After 61 it would be 62 but what we have done between this has to be known and realized.

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