Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chunchi Falls

As I mentioned even though I travelled a bit over last six months I never updated my trip details. This was during august so please don't go by the amount of water in the snaps. My initial plan was to visit shivanasamdura during its peak season and since it had rained heavily i had no doubt about the amount of water in the shivanasamdura so called up loki and pratiba to join for the trip. We started at around 4.30 am in the morning. I picked up loki and pratiba and along with jyoti started driving towards kanakpura. We stoped at kanakpura at around 6.30 for breakfast and as usual idli was our best bet for early breakfast.

Last time I had driven to shivanasamdura via kaveri fishing camp, it was very beautiful but this time i couldn't really make out if i was driving in the same route or not but then i only knew i was driving towards sangama. But around 20kms from Kanakpura i saw a board reading Chunchi falls. I had never seen or heard about this falls before and immediately i took a left in that direction.
After driving through a small village and rough roads we reached a spot which was more of a dead end for my car, we came out of the car and could see the river flowing between a mountain but yet no trace of the falls. We had to walk down a bit to find a falls which was in its best , none of us had imagined that we would end up in such a beautiful place.
Best part of the trip i would say was the time we reached the spot we had reached chunchi falls by around 7 and we didn't find anyone other than we four. It was ferocious and scary as well yet we sneaked a bit close towards the falls and got completely drenched by the water. I did some photography and then by around 10 we could see few more teams coming down and then we felt it was time to leave. It was those moments of enjoying the beauty of the water falls in the early hours without much crowd that was so special about this trip.
We were completely satisfied for the day yet we started driving towards sangama, but as expected i felt this place was horribly over crowded and badly spoilt with plastics all around. I always feel that either good places should not have good connectivity so that value to reach these places is remembered or it should be maintained perfectly by totally banning plastics and fining heavily for violators. This fine amount could be used by the local villagers for the development work around these places.
We didn't enjoy anything at sangam and we started heading back towards bangalore. We reached back bangalore at around 3.30 or 4 and went to Prathiba's house. She prepared some pakoras for us and we had some fun with hot pakoras and tea. We enjoyed the trip to the core because nothing was planned and everything happened as a pleasant surprise. We wanted to go to shivanasamudra and ended up going to a place which i had never heard off.

Place : Chunchi Falls
Route : Bangalore, Kanakapura, Aldur, Deviation before Sangama, 6km to Chunchi Falls
Distance : Around 90km from Bangalore


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