Monday, August 16, 2010

A Mistake

As a kid I was very fond of playing just like any other kid. My parents enforced me on reading newspaper every day as soon as I got up, even though I was not interested in knowing about rest of the world. I was in my own world those days. Enforcement on that day has turned into an addiction today. I need newspaper on my coffee table everyday in the morning.
But now I feel I get into depression reading newspaper every day its full of corruption, murder, misuse of power etc not one constructive message to improve society. I wish I can come out of this addiction and stay away from this biased media who have lost their ethics and only value for their circulation and TRP :-(

1 comment:

beautiful_life said...

oh .. yes same here poornaz... :(
and I can well understand the situation... am trying to slowly move to online media.. but keep going back to the local distributed ones....