Thursday, January 26, 2012

Multnomah Falls - Portland

I don't know how I missed publishing some of these pictures I took probably an year back during my trip to US during the Fall. Two things I regret before I publish my pics are these pics can never make justification for the beauty of the place as I was not even aware of how to use my SLR properly and the second it kept raining most of the time and with low lighting pics were not the kind I wanted.

It was around half an hour drive from my hotel, I remember it was a lousy day started raining right from the morning but it was even more depressing to sit in room watching TV. Also it gets really cold during these seasons and with having just one jacket during the trip it would be worse to get it wet in rain and suffer at least 2-3 days going out or to office.

I picked up Deepak and Karthik headed towards Multnomah falls after our breakfast the drive along the river was amazing but unlike India I really missed stopping my car at all the places I wanted to. Some of these roads on the mountains were kind of 2 lanes and we are not suppose to stop cars at non designated areas. But the forest area during the fall was filled with vibrant colors and the cool form of purest oxygen entering your lungs can only experienced rather than expressed over a blog.

There was a hiking trail till the top of the water fall, it was still continuing into the forest but as it started drizzling we didn't take the risk of getting ourselves drenched in the cold weather. But it was surprising to see, from above it is just a small stream inside a forest but when it falls down it does look spectacular. 

If ever I get opportunity to travel again during Fall I promise to get some better pictures to give you a feel of the beauty surrounding this place.

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