Friday, December 16, 2005

This trip of mine had all the trill, fun and strain I ever expected… well guys u gonna appreciate my team building skills I was able to build a team which was beyond requirement in the most minimal time given. Myself and Suria had a very formal chat during our lunch hours on Friday (23/8/2005) for going a trip to Rautang Pass..
Still everything looked like a dream till 4.30 when all of a sudden we were able to get 9 people on board to Rautang… we decided to leave around 8.30..
Here my first mistake of an unplanned trip was exposed…. Instead of 9 … to our shock 10 people assembled in Atta and a single cab for such a big journey..
Now let me introduce you to my new team.. it consisted of 12 men.. masters in their own…. Skills…. Suria Prakash, Amith Ghandi, Satyajith(Choclate Boy), Ajay, Sandeep, Arun, Raghuveer (Hero), Akshat (Apple …) , Dinesh…,Snehal, Rahul…(Coool man).. and Me..Poorna Prajna…
To continue with … it was shocking 2 see 10 people ready 2 board … ofcourse looking at the enthu of the guys it was simply impossible to say anyone 2 turn back so our only option was to add few more people so that we can take 2 cabs.
Now a special mention to Arun and Hero who made it sooo simple on joining us.. in fact Raghu was simply superb… he was having dinner at Atta when I called him.. and asked to join for the trip he did not even ask properly where we are going nor he had any clothes 2 join us. He just said yes and went to a shop got some basic requirements clothes and was ready in the cab… coooool buddy… tat was really cooool of u….
So now we were 12 and 2 cabs were ready for the fly… hmmm a special mention 2 one of our cab driver who drunk a bit and was feeling sleepy… even though he was very good at driving he struggled a lot as he was feeling very sleepy….
We stopped at around 11.30 for our dinner at a Dhaba on the way to Chandigar…. I got the best ever food I had in north amazing food every one enjoyed the food 2 their maximum limits I belive…..
After which we left to manali our first destination on the way we had 2 slow down a lot as our driver was feeling very sleepy.
Morning was very coooool and still we had to cover lots of distance 2 catch with our plans… however since our main plan was to visit Rautang Pass no one in the team had any regrets for not seeing kullu or manali.
We stopped on the way 2 kullu near a stream of water where is we refreshed ourselves by playing in the cold water for sometime.. it was fun playing in the water.
We reached Manali after a very tiring journey of around 650kms around 4 in the evening. Now we refreshed ourselves in the hotel after we left for a walk in the “MALL ROAD”..
A special mention to the team…. The best part which was observed in the trip was its discipline to get ready on time and not to make others wait…. Once we reached the hotel at 4.., 4.45 was the time given to get ready and at 5 everyone were ready down…
We walked around the stream and then all along the MALL road having a look at all the beautiful stuffs… around, we had some good hot snacks…. Over here and then headed back to our hotel for the long night party….
We then had a dance party of all men… dam good dancing steps I leave it open 2 your imagination hahaha…. Sorry cant explain these stuffs… and finally after a dinner we need 2 go back 2 bed early as we need 2 leave 2 our main destination Rautang very early in the morning.. so everyone slept at around 11pm.
Day 2 of the trip was one of the best day in my life time it really very very hard 2 put what I saw on words… as its pretty hard to explain the beauty, one can only feel it is wat I say.As I told early this time around I had the privilege of going with a very disciplined team every one were ready by sharp 6.30 that’s the best I have ever seen… 2 be frank because of this we achieved lots of stuffs in the trip, otherwise I don’t think we could have achieved so many stuffs in such less time.
After a small photo session we all left to Rautang by around 6.45, not to mention the route to rautang was soooo thrilling, scaring and beautiful that everyone enjoyed to the core… amazing beauty …. I can only say u need to feel it rather than read something…
We reached rautang at around 10 it was the best place I have ever seen till date… sorry friends its out of my reach to explain this… wat I saw.. only few of the snaps can tell the story tats all… is what I can say…. With in 3 hrs we spent in Rautang we were able to see all kinds of weather like it was bright and shiny when we went so we were lucky enough 2 get lots of snaps after a few mins it was completely covered with fog and cold breeze started to blow and then it also rained heavily all the way down and also we could see lots of snow.
We had lots of fun a small trek and skiing over here added to our fun. Then we took one the best decision of going for paragliding an opportunity to fly in the air like a bird … This was one of the best moments of my life time I started first in the group… I like to share my experience over here… when I started it was fully covered with fog could not see anything down and I could feel very strong breeze… I was unable to see anything down all of sudden the fog cleared and I was able to see the depth of the valley… rocks all along… I got a bit scared but yes enjoyed to the core I can say a life time achievement of flying in the air…. Amazing feeling of weightlessness in the air…. Akshat and dinesh u really missed something amazing …..
On the way back to manali it was fun and thrilled journey, a cab with girls over took us and started playing pranks with guys…. Now as u should think it’s the matter of ego we started having fun with the grls dancing in the respective cabs teasing each other and the best chasing them at the max speed … we were following them sooo closely that I am sure if they had slipped from the road we would have followed them in the air hahaha…
It was so fun that we left our other cab half the way later we came to know that their cab got punctured hence it took soo much time for them to come back. It was really fun chasing them all the way.
Once we reached manali many of them had sever headache should be the effect of cold breeze… anyway many of us had some tablets and started our return journey hats off to our cab drivers amazing speed and control… he even crossed 140kmph as a result of which we were in delhi by morning…
Any way I would like to say this was the best place I have seen till date… Still I dream to see few places like Kargil, leh , ladak and gangotri…

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