Friday, December 16, 2005

Sand Dume
This was a fantastic trip for the amount of distance we traveled in the limited time and for a all together change in seeing an all together different geographical location.

It all started when soni called up on Sunday 30th october 2005 at around say 1pm when I was resting my heels on my bed lying down on bed…. Soni called up told be ready by around 2 so that we can leave to jaisalmer..

At around 2 myself, soni and hari started off in soni’s new Swift to anil chand’s place on the way we picked up thomsy…. With his apples…

All together we started from anil’s place around 4.30pm … it was fun loving team who started the trip of deepavali in 2 different cars..

Our team included Anil (with is Girl Friend …..) , Thomsy, Soni, Hari , Kiran (Chotu..), DJ Raka (Rakesh) and ME (Poorna).

Our first break was for dinner in jaipur at around 9 where in we had dinner and started off to jaisalmer which was our only destination….

On the way we moved through ajmer, jodhpur..(This was the most confusing city while going as well as while coming back).

One important place on the way to jaisalmer was pokran where in india conducted its nuclear test., we had a small photo session over here on the roads., the roads from here was really amazing barren lands on both sides of the road till the end and also the fascinating thing was the dam straight roads., you don’t get to see a single curve on the roads other then few sign board which read “move smooth on my curves”.,

We reached Jaisalmer at around 9.30 am after a hard 20hr long drive, we rested our heels in a hotel. After charging our batteries at around 4 we left for seeing the fort of Jaisalmer., all in all it was great fort and a hold to india’s historic beauty.,

From the fort after seeing the sunset from this place on top of the fort we left to boating., it was fun going for boating in the night with pitch darkness all around you could not see anything in front of you it was total dark and fun going for boating over here.

We started to our main goal of going 2 sand dumes on 1 nov at around 9 am we went to a place called Bade bagh., it was a good place for its beauty and a small park with some tress in the middle of the barren land. After which we did some shopping and then moved towards the main stream.

We reached the place around 40 km away from jaisalmer around 4pm and then we had the fun of riding camels to the place from where the desert started., lots of sand all around it was an amazing view to see the smooth curves of the sand . All of us enjoyed our stay at this place for around 2 hours. After watching the fantastic sunset from this place we returned to our mud huts where in there was arrangement for traditional rajastani folk music.
A team of Rajastani flock had already arrived to entratain us, the weather was very cold however we had some food and started enjoying the music. In fact myself and thomsy started dancing for their beats. There was a family which had come from gujrath they also enjoyed our dance and passion we showed.
We all were tired and went to sleep at around 10pm. However our plan was to wake till 12 and we planned to celebrate Hari's Bday at sharp 12. However it was very unfortunate because almost all were awake till 11.45 know one knows all of sudden how everyone slept.
However earlymorning we celebrated our deepavali by bursting crackers in desert and cutting a wonderful cake for Hari.... we enjoyed every moment in these small huts... and then once we refreshed ourself we started our immediate return journey to Noida which was again almost 15-20hr drive.
All in all a wonderful end to a meaningfull trip.

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