Wednesday, April 30, 2008

God and his follower's belief..

How strange are our belief towards god :-)

we preach god never differentiates rich and poor but we have every temple on earth has special darshan for the VIPs and the rich :-)

we preach god exists everywhere and we waste our time and energy visiting temples...

we give donations to god who never needs it, on the contrary never even think to help a person in need.

We say everything is under his control.. give all the credits to god for every good thing in your life :-) however at bad times i have never seen anyone blaming the god :-) strange are our ways...

We are never happy with what you are or what we are and henceforth it always looks like we bribe the god for our own benefits :-)

With all these in mind... where does the word "Bhakti" (Faith) stands?

We have incorporated the concept of follow... every person who has come out to validate, has been leading a set of followers :-) thats the truth...

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Anonymous said...

Well.. does there not lie the difference between "Follow by Faith" and "Follow by reason"???
"Follow by faith" is nowadays interpreted as follow by blind faith... and that is causing so much commotion... :)

-- priya kadam