Sunday, April 20, 2008


Even though i was not interested my mom wanted me to go to temple 2 day for the navagraha shanti... wats this? i went to the temple and everything looked so funny... navagraha as the name tells nava is 9 and graha is a person who influence on you.. so as per hindu mythology 9 elements of energy who influence on you.. lets not get into the debate how.. so as per hindu astrologcial science who are these 9 elements..
1. Surya - Sun
2. Chandra - Moon
3. Mangala - Mars
4. Bhuda - Mercury
5. Bhrihaspati - Jupiter
6. Shukra - Venus
7. Shani - Saturn
8. Rahu - North lunar node
9. Ketu - South lunar node
While duing pooja i was in a state of mind like why am i wasting rice grains throwing at the stone idols? What is it thats going to change? I am always against doing things which has been mis interpreted badly... a science of astrology which is being just practiced without even knowing why are we doing the same? It should be taken and faced in the way it has to be done... it takes shani around 30years to revolve around the sun.. so if you are influenced by shani then there is nothing that could be done to avoid the same rather.. we need to learn from the difficulties we face, rather than praying without an ideology..after all a person who learns to face difficulties in life comes out wise.. its always a challenge which should be enjoyed.. rather than praying without even knowing why we are doing the same...
Anyway looking at the idols i got few doubts
1. Why are the idols facing in different directions? With sun in the centre..
2. How can we please the idols with a 3rd person b/w me and the planets?
3. Why do we pray the demons rahu and ketu? Is it just because they are importal? After all they were asuras right?
4 . If shani is a form of god then why is it that he wanna trouble ?
I donot say we shouldnot do these things... but what hurts me, we do lot many things without validating the facts or exploring the truth behind the same.....There are hundreds of pratices which are worth and few more which are fake... we need to learn to differentiate the same.


Raghu said...

Hey - Nice one but...

Kelavondu vishayagalanna charche maadi prayojana illa - idella ondu nambike ( mooda nambike ) -- naavu devaranna nodiye illa aadru Raama Krishna venkatesha antha puje maado haage -

Yaarigu thondare aagada reethyyalli ene kelasa maadidru thappu agolla - Thappu yaavaga andre devara hesaralli manushyarige and praanigalige / parisarakke himse maadidaaga maatra !!!

Sriki said...

Hmm!! Interesting thoughts kano!!

If you believe that every being in this universe (including u and me) absorb and emit light (good or bad). Jus like tat.. Even planetary positions reflect light to earth sometimes which are good and sometimes which are bad.

Tumba ne deep subject maga adu.. lets not get into it.

poorna prajna said...

hahaha sriki i dont know the facts about planetery lighting influence but i definitely know tat throwing rice grains at idols are not going stop the light from emmitting... :-)