Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bike Service

My bike was in perfect condition but since its my practice to service my bike once in 3 months I had given my bike to the authorized Bajaj Service Centre. Since this is the second incident which is happening with me i am writing down the same.
I collected my bike after a routine service after paying an hefty amount of Rs.709. I only had 2 complaints before i handed over my bike, indicator was not working consistently and i had asked the mechanic to improve the mileage. They had charged me Rs.40 for wiring however after collecting my bike i could still see my indicator working inconsistently. However after 2 days my bike started to stop in between while driving. Initially i guessed it was due to idling problem however even after increasing the fuel injection the bike used to stop while driving. One fine day when i was late to home and it was raining heavily my bike didn't start at all, i parked my bike in office and left with my friend. Next day with great difficulty i managed to take my bike again to the service centre and insisted on proper checking. Well the worst thing was without even a proper test they just removed the spark plug and replaced it with a new one charging me another Rs.75. Now it started and was running smoothly for 3 days after which i am facing the same problem again.
How did they ever decide my spark plug was not in good health? Had they ever tired it on a different bike? It looks more of irresponsible work done by the team towards a customer with total negligence. After taking up the issue strongly now they have taken back my bike to the service station. Now if something is wrong do i need to pay for that? Well right now i am not sure but this time probably if things are not sorted out properly I might have to look at other options of taking some legal action against the same. One thing i have observed is the concept of repairing of a part has been changed with replacing the part with the new one, there by charging the customer.
This is an experience I had with Jatti Motors, Ali Asker Road, Bangalore (Job Card no. 04803785 and Invoice no. 04725622).


Anonymous said...

I always feel these authorised Bajaj service centers are good for nothing. My brand new Pulsar had stopped working after 2 days of very first service. I think it's always better to go to these small mechanics who are thousand times more knowledgeable than service center guys. If you want to try out there is this awesome mechanic shop called S.K.Motors in Thyagaraja Nagar.

-- Santosh Kabbur

Anonymous said...

go for private work shops man...service centers are just there to shave the head under the brand name..