Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day Dream

It was a normal weekend for me, got up early at around 6 and at around 7 i was on my bike to play squash and then a swim. After a few good games and some time in the pool i returned back to my home at around 11. After a heavy breakfast, as there was no power at home i thought i will read newspaper resting back my head on the pillow.. Usually i don't sleep during day time but never knew when i got sleep.

It was a sleep in which i felt i was awake and was visualizing something, something strange a thought which i wanted to experience it was pitch dark every were yet i could see everything around me something like under a bright full moon day.. i had a view yet it was limited something like that. I was below a huge falls standing alone in front of it... huge rocks all along i couldn't hear anything other than the sound of the water gushing ferociously along the rocks, it was water all around...I shouted loudly as hard as i can to supress the sound of water just to enjoy it, i could see the huge falls in the moon light. I slept on a huge rock alone watching the falls fall down in front of me... i kept watching to understand what it all meant? It was an amazing experience i feared the darkness, i was alone yet the mystery held me to explore the panic. 

Well i am not sure what it all meant however i felt the falls was similar to jog falls at its best. Now probably i can only say if at all it was true or not by experiencing this moment on a full moon night all alone below the mighty falls :-). Sleeping on a mighty rock in front of the huge falls watching it fall down with that sound and me shouting at it to my limits. What would be more fearful the darkness or the sound or the water or my loneliness ?

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