Friday, October 03, 2008

No Smoking

Its 2 days since smoking in public places is banned. All of a sudden my observations had sharpened, all along the way I have started observing people and to my horror I do see hundreds of people all along smoking in buses, small tea stalls, auto, bike and the list continues..

At times I feel like my country is lead by one bunch of fools on earth. We have all the rules on book but hardly, we have seen anything in action. When I heard this ban first thing that came to mind was how this is going to be implemented? Today I can see hundreds of constables with a stick in one hand, hardly they look like they can fine anyone its only if a inspector is present he has some receipt to fine the person who break the law. So with this kind of infrastructure who is going to fine the people who smoke in public? What will be the billing process? At times I feel like these useful yet useless laws are only made to harass people more than helping the people.  The direct impact of this would be smokers getting harassed and bribing the officers rather than a proper solution. 

Creating a new rule is not the need, rather to what extent we can implement is the need of the hour. 

Regarding the rule I had a misunderstanding that its been banned every where and when I spoke to others even they had the same view however its banned only in public places like in all government or private buildings and public places like libraries, cafes, restaurants, schools, pubs or discos, stadiums, airports, hospitals, bus stands, railway stations, police stations, courts, auditoriums or cinemas. Smokers can light up by the roadside or in their homes. But the strange thing was smokers can smoke in parks and beaches J well I guessed in a chocked city like Bangalore people go to parks to get some fresh air now they might have to share it with smokers. 

I would not be surprised if any smoker is even worried with this kind off laws, as today I saw it openly were in I saw at least 30- 40 smokers on my way back to home smoking without any fear in public.

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