Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I started to my office at around 8.30am from my home, i just joined the main road from my home and there was a huge pile up of traffic. After negotiating a few minutes in the traffic i came to the bottle neck where in there was a bus and passengers were busy getting down from the bus and catching another bus.Initially i thought it was a bus break down. Since it is a single road there was huge pile up of traffic on both the sides.. some how i struggled and over took the bus, to my horror i saw a person lying in a pool of blood in front of the bus. I didn't understand what had just happened, but got irritated that no one was even worried to lift the person. I could not find a immediate parking, somehow i went a bit ahead and put my vehicle in a no parking zone and came back. On the way back i tried calling 100 twice. Gave a complete ring however no one responded.. felt very bad that this is the emergency service in my country :-(. Probably emergency service call has to be picked up in one call.
This person was lying down in a pool of blood and flesh, however he was still breathing and was in a real bad condition. However the worst thing was no one was ready to help me him lift. I just took him by his arms and tried to lift him however he was pretty heavy for me alone but to my luck one more person joined and then he took him completely over his shoulder. We could stop an auto and then put him in. However since there was huge pile up of traffic by the time i went back to get my vehicle the auto had gone and i had no way of going back along the road. Felt bad that i could not go along to the hospital however felt really bad about the people standing by it would have been at least 5min after the accident and no one was ready to help him out. Every one were just talking and the 2nd thing was emergency service was not working how bad :-(
Hopefully he would have survived and nothing much would have happened.

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Hey Poorna ,
I hope he survived too and with least injuries. I feel all that people are concerned for is tamasha, dont know why humanity is receding along with recession!