Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Some times in life the easier things are been thought the harder way. A normal day i went to office and when i was about to park my vehicle in the stand a small pigeon was probably learning to fly, it just flied past my vehicle and i just lifted my head to look at it and to my horror all of a sudden kite or probably what we say an eagle picked up the pigeon on its flight. At first i couldn't believe it, it just happened in front of my eyes hardly 5meters away.It was one of the best hunt i had seen in my life through naked eyes, appreciated the talent of the kite to pick its pray on the fly. Probably i wouldn't have been a worried man if it just carried away its pray, even though i would have felt bad for the pigeon but then that's nature on which i cannot do much.

What happened next was something disturbing for me, the kite couldn't pick up the pigeon clearly and it was dropped half way, however the pigeon was badly hurt. Now i was standing between the kite and pigeon on ground. Probably the kite was a bit scared to come back again as i was standing in between. Should i help or leave it to its fate? I saw the kite sitting on the wall and waiting for me to leave. Well i was caught in 2 minds what should i do?

I just stoped there for say 1 or 2 min and probably the kite didn't have any patience and it left the place, even though i was happy for the pigeon initially but then i realised the harsh realities its tough for an injured bird to leave in this harsh world. I felt like probably it would have been good if it was at least food for the kite and probably its family!!!

But that was past, i didn't know what to do but then probably only thing that came to my mind was pick up the pigeon and keep it in a safe place and i did that. But probably the pigeon was over anxious or probably it got scared of me or probably i did something wrong :-( it tried to fly again and went and sat in a place which i was not able to reach :-( but still it was badly hurt and was struggling to fly. Then to my horror i saw that 2 crows started to attack the pigeon i couldn't stand there any more and i had it enough. It was an important lesson for me in life, We should never think or try to help if we are never sure of the outcome. Many a times we think we help, but without knowing the actual thing we might end up creating more problems. Probably we should only help if we can stand by it till the end :-(

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Anonymous said...

If you have already made the mistake of trying to help, than don't commit sin by letting down your helping hand !