Sunday, May 30, 2010

Canon Beach

Chandru and Sahana knocked at my room door at around 11.30 to drop their things which was supposed to be carried back to India. We were really very hungry and yes Sahana our chief Chef had Bisibele bath and Curd rice for us. I was a bad host though even the potato chips in my room was emptied the previous night. After a quick lunch we decided to go towards Canon beach. Boby was not interested to join us for Canon Beach, well he did regret for not joining us the next day.

We didn't know that we had to drive through Chandru's house, we did regret that we had to waste a bit of fuel. But the drive to Canon Beach is very scenic with thick forest along both the sides of the road. We really can't make out that we would be reaching sea until the end. It was a bright and sunny day, saying so one good thing i did was not forgetting my jacket in the car. Chandru did regret for doing this mistake. Even though it was a bright sunny day, breeze from sea is very chilled. You would be shivering of cold with in few minutes of walk.

It was a perfect day for me and chandru with bright light and beautiful landscape for me and chandru to do some photo shoot. We had a bit of extra light though, probably we should have waited till the evening. But then its summer time and it was a long day. We waited till almost 6 and still sun was in no mood to set. Usually during this time sun sets by around 9 and it gets dark by around 10. We didn't have so much time and we were even getting tired and feeling cold after the long long walk along the beach.

Major attraction of Canon beach is huge rocks along the sea, Haystack Rock is the biggest of all and is the main attraction of all. It was great to sea a huge rock and it was home to thousands of sea birds sitting all along the rock. Probably it was breeding time.Haystack Rock, at 235 feet high, is the third largest coastal monolith in the world. Haystack Rock is protected as part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge as well as a designated National Wilderness Area.

What caught our attention the most was the low tide, while we were about to return in matter of minutes we could see that the sea went back by atleast 100-200meters back. I had never seen it happening so fast, I did scare chandru about Sunami :-). But then read that this beach area is under extreme high tide and extreme low tide line with almost 300 yards radius.

It was a pleasant walk, I really don't know what exactly to write about this place, can only say that its a place to be visited with loved ones and then just go for a walk holding hands. One thing about places in US is you can get all the details in an organized manner, so i should really be trying to give details about the place in a stupid manner. I would just point to the right link

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