Thursday, May 13, 2010

Silver Falls

It was a beautiful accidental trip. I got up around 6 and then was checking my mails all of a sudden I saw Chandru online, bugger he wanted to stay in invisible mode and wanted to travel alone with Sahana leaving me but then I tracked him down and forced him to tell the plans for the weekend. Poor guy was left with no choice but to disclose his weekend plan of visiting silver falls.

I called up Boby my colleague to get ready in 15min and then we started to Chandru's place in Beaverton. After a quick break fast we started driving towards Silver Falls.

As expected most of the places in and around Washington and Oregon are really beautiful and scenic. One surprising thing was I thought all roads in US were like 6 lanes but then once you enter the smaller regions roads are very much smaller with lots of cross roads as well. As soon as we reached Silver falls we thought of starting our 14mile trail hike but then thought lets first finish our lunch rather than carrying it. I would say that was the wisest of the decision for that day :-). Sahana had prepared amazing pongal and curd rice. But well myself and chandra had some contributions for curd rice as well probably that's what made it the best.
Silver Falls really spectacular, the best part of the trip though was a bright sunny day which is very much unusual in Portland area. Also what i liked the most was the trail which goes under the rocks and behind the water falls, which gives one the feeling of standing behind the water falls and feel the beauty.
It was really a good feel, to walk in bright sunlight watching 9 out of 10 good waterfalls on a single day. Still unlike India what I missed the most was getting into water and play under the falls. Neither its warm enough to get into water nor its allowed. Probably we might be fined here if you get into water :-). As a result I ended up feeling like walking in a man made forest with man made water falls. But no question on the beauty of the place its just spectacular its just that i couldn't feel it wild the way you get to feel it in India :-). At times you can say like too much organized makes life so boring, there has to be thrill to explore that's when you get the rush in adrenalin.
We laughed a lot the entire day there were quite a few funny moments, few of them were a joint venture say a business proposal b/w me and chandra to create Minchi falls beside Frenchi falls with Sahana being the toll collector. And then embrassing moments for Boby to find a restroom and being caught by fellow hikers when Boby tried to tresspass for a nature call :-)
After we returned from covering 9 out of 10 falls we were like dead tired from walking almost 10kms on a single day and were really hungry. What came to our rescue was again Pongal and curd rice. We dropped back chandru and sahana at their home, had a nice dinner and headed back to our rooms. End of a wonderful weekend in Vancouver,WA.
I didn't write much about the place becuase there is already lots of information about the place in the offical website so me writing in bits and pieces doesn't really make any sense. Find more details about the state park under the link

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