Friday, October 01, 2010

108 Emergency Service

I just started from my office today evening @5:15. A couple of guys
helped a person lying on ground to footpath. It was a minor accident
but person on bike had a broken leg probably either a ligament tear or
fracture with enormous pain. No one knew what next. I called 108 for
an ambulance. I was so impressed with the service
1) Is the patient bleeding? Can he talk? Don't panic give me the
adress and ambulance will be there in 5min
2) Immediately after that police gave me a call asking do I need any
assistance? Is there any jam or is it a major accident. At the end of
the call they said thank you "poorna prajna". I was so surprised that
they even tracked my name so fast.
Amazing service the ambulance was there in 7min that's something
really good with the kind of traffic in bangalore
Keep up the good work guys hats of to you :-).


Anonymous said...

Kusuma Sharma: Thats awesome.. India is heading towards somewhere :)
In fact the ambulance services are equipped with medicinal instruments and the faculty are trained to handle emergency situations.

ftp said...

This is indeed a wonderful service by the government. This is the only work that appreciate for this BJP government Karnataka. I did come across few incidents with 108 service. These guys are awesome guys with all the equipments, professional medical officers. I would like thank these guys for their commitment and their priceless service.

santhosh devananda said...

i agree with ftp, but slight correction the karnataka state govt is making corruption in this also.. In rajasthan this 108 service is operated by state govt, here it has been outsourced to get corrupt money.


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