Friday, October 15, 2010


It was a weekday and I was asked to go to Chitradurga for "Mahalaya". I am a person who is least interested in the concept of life after death , well when i see so many bad things about life when they are still alive, praying to either god or any activity for dead hardly interests me. However it was an oppurtunity to visit the Chitradurga Fort which had special memories as a child in my mind. As a kid I used to go to this fort everyday for morning jog, play a game of cricket inside the fort and come back by around 9am.

Had heard a lot that things have changed, lot had been done for the development and restoration of the fort, but couldn't visit the fort for a long time. I even planned with friends many times but again could never materialize the same. This was the oppurtunity, drove to Durga picking my cousin, chikappa and chikamma. Droped them at Doddappa's house at around 10.30pm and went to my uncle's place to take a break. I was asked to be there for the function at 7 in the morning. As I told you before, was least interested in sitting and watching each others face in function and I headed to Durga Fort @ 5.30am in the morning.

Wow.. it was not the same fort anymore, lots of sign boards, well laid footpaths, restored broken walls, good lighting, toilets, it had gilmpse of international standards. I really appreciate archelogical department's efforts in getting this done. It's amazing work executed perfectly.

The moment I entered the fort one thing which came to my mind was "Tuppada Kola", it's quite a big rock to climb. As a kid I remembered getting beaten by my uncles for climbing it up. Now after so many treks and scaling so many peaks this did look very tiny. Just wanted to try it again and yes it was fun. After reaching the peak realized that now no one can shout at me :-).
It was around 9am and I started getting calls from home :-), anyway I took my own time to roam around doing some photography and turned back towards home only when I was hungry. It was memorable trip these rocks have so much to say and just waits for an ear to listen to them.

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