Saturday, May 31, 2008


I saw the clouds it was dark.. I saw it coming... I wished to talk but i couldn't...god forgive me for the sin :-( .. I wished to see a face with smile... but i couldn't..god forgive me for the sin :-( ... a drop of tear rolled on my cheek ...but rain drops took care no one noticed..

Here i have fallen down.. i lift my head to see for help.. i see few faces with advice, few faces who curse me, few faces who smile.. and few faces with lost hope ..I see it coming.. never wanted to see it... now i stand to face it.. i am in the middle of a road completely drenched in rain.. wat next?

I didn't understand what i am doing? But i was right, that i was wrong... people whom i wished would help pulled their hands back in the time of need... i understand i am standing alone drenched in rain :-( i understand this is the beginning :-(

But my spirits want me to get up and walk...

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