Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vote !! Does it matter?

Few don't belive they should vote, few don't understand the value of their vote, few just say how will their vote make a difference?
I was very dejected when the news read bangalore urban recorded the lowest turnout for the first phase of assembly elections only 44% franchised their vote . Also read an interesting article like neither the rich nor the middle class get affected by the outcome of the elections.Its always the poor who are interested in the elections and the promises made by the respective political parties..
I felt very bad meeting friends in my own office at least 7 of them, so called well educated people who had been cribbing all these days regarding the infrastructure, blaming governments for every opportunity they were given to speak :-) and when it mattered the most they just couldn't do what was required the most. Well felt like these are the kind of people who just speak without any idea of their actions... neither they are worth... Well what worse was the excuses you get to hear... Felt like these people have lost the right to speak about either of the government or any other issues in karnataka for at least 5 years from now :-). These are the people who wanna stay at this place, wanna use all the benefits of this place and just scrap it when its a mess...
Voting was a legitimate right of citizen who believes in democracy, a person who doesn't vote doesn't have the right to speak about the issues coming out of the democratic system...
Well hats off to the election commissioner for his outstanding work during the current election process were in there was no huge cutouts, no proxy votes and had seen very little corruption... amazing work... the least thing that was expected from educated people was to come out and vote... At least i hope to see better outcome for the 2nd and 3rd phase of elections.

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Anonymous said...

The entire political system in india needs a revamping, it can only happen if we decide to. And the first step to acheive it is voting. So vote u must!