Friday, May 16, 2008


It was around 9pm, i came out of the hotel after a very heavy dinner.. it was a bit too much for dinner. I was walking towards my bike when all of a sudden a small kid stopped me begging...

What should i have done?

If i had given money probably i would have encouraged him for begging..and more over the fact is many a times the money we give is always snatched by their parents.. so i never encouraged giving money...

Should have asked him to earn his food? probably that would not be worth either... as i would be encouraging child labor in that case..

Could we have given some food to this kid? Many a times i had seen these kids are not that very fascinated of our food.Until they are really hungry..What actually matters to them is money!!

Well i don't know what i could have done, nothing struck to my mind at that point and i came back home... but one thing did strike to my mind that i did over eat a bit and probably i could have avoided it and probably it could have reached a hungry child's stomach :-(

Felt hunger is really very bad..

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Anonymous said...

Next time when you see a begging kid just give him one chocolate…let him eat or throw it to gutter….. atleast you will not sleep that day with a painful heart of doing nothing….Doing something very little is better than doing nothing …….Doing big comes only when you start doing something very little every time

-- gubbi