Monday, May 26, 2008

Hero Pen

Yesterday i was searching for something in my draw in my home and all of a sudden i found a hero pen . Well i remembered a childhood incident of mine when i saw this pen.. probably i was in 6th std and i had a passion for hero pen.. and i wanted to have one for myself... but that was a time when my parents were in crunch of a situation constructing our house and the financial status of the family was very tight...

Now i wonder Rs.25 was so valued during the period that i had to receive so much of beating from my father that day... i remember having been beaten so much for demanding the pen immediately... i wounder even though i was used to get beaten every now and then certain moments always remains in your mind as a child.. I remember at that moment probably i never understood the situation and i was in my own world.. dreaming for the pen.. and the beating had shattered my desires...

Well my father did understand my feelings probably he had brought me a new hero pen the next day.. well well this was valued treasure for me :-) i was very happy and this pen was my lucky pen till my 12th.. i wrote every test, every exam, every notes with this pen :-) . As a child i was so much attached to the pen that i used to think i would do badly in my exams if i don't use this pen. Probably now i would be laughing at my belief of childhood :-)

I tried to search this pen yesterday and i didn't get it :-( i wondered, have i lost the feel i had in my childhood? Probably i have lost the value of a hero pen which was just Rs.25 but can i ever forgot the incident i was attached to, with the pen?

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